Why choose ModiSan products?

Boxspring beds
are a type of double bed mattress with spring or pocket cores that complement each other due to the different elasticity of each layer, ergonomically supporting the body and compensating for the advantages / disadvantages of each individual layer when used separately. Such a composition entails great comfort: to be deeply immersed, and to be properly supported in key places.
ModiSan mattresses
Each of us sleeps differently. ModiSan mattresses are designed to give you comfort and support where you need it most. It is up to you to choose the mattress that best suits your needs. Add a touch of elegance and luxury to your bedroom. The collision of extinguished shades of color and bold glossy details brings endless possibilities to combine mattresses from our new collection, with both classic bedroom furniture designs and modern design solutions.
Quilts, pillows, linens
In addition to quality mattress and pillows, quilts are also an important item to ensure a quality night’s sleep. If you are looking for additional details for your bed we offer quilts, pillows and bedding …

Our Products

The narrow selection of products of both modern and innovative and classic design will astound even the most demanding customers.
Featured products
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