Our brand products are made of the highest quality materials.

In our production we use high quality standard and memory foam, and we each define them differently according to strength. For best effect, we offer a wide range of differently combined layers of foam, using the best of each of them for ideal comfort.

The fabrics we use to make the covers for our pillows, mattresses and mattresses are carefully selected, expertly fitted and designed to give their special characteristics the optimum atmosphere and perfect day and night rest for our customers.

Considering that our potential, creativity and will are beyond the limit, ModiSan is able to respond to the most complicated requirements and to offer the perfect product to its customers quickly and efficiently.

Specialized program

We have also equipped numerous, renowned domestic and foreign hotel facilities with specialized product programs for hotels. On our site you can see some of the products that we have been successfully exporting to the EU for many years.

Sleep quality

ModiSan has in its product range all products related to quality sleep: mattresses, pillows, linens, elastic liners, various types of wooden and upholstered beds, as well as furniture for bedrooms and children’s rooms.

Modern fast-paced lifestyle and lack of sleep seriously endangers our health. A comfortable and quiet space, a real bed and a quality mattress is an intimate place to start and end every working day. So trust us with the needs and expectations of the sleeping system.

We look for new technological solutions, develop new products and offer to guarantee the quality of your reliable partner’s image.

You know how difficult it is to make the right choice of bed to rest on. Especially if you have experience of what it’s like to sleep on a twisted and recessed mattress.

We hope that a visit to our web site will make it easier for you to make the right choice.

Our success is the result of a clear business vision, the ability to create and produce quality and competitive products, as well as the dedicated and teamwork of all employees. By constantly improving the quality as well as following the agreed deadlines and guarantees, we have gained the trust of numerous domestic and foreign customers, which obliges us to continue to develop with even greater enthusiasm.

However, with our greatest success and basic orientation, we consider you, our past and future users, satisfied with our products. We hope that these sites will further enhance our communication with each other as we want to continue to be a reliable partner that will provide you and your family with a comfortable, peaceful, healthy and quality sleep. Thank you for your trust.